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One of the keys to the healthier and happier life we want to help our patients achieve is maintaining a healthy weight. We realize that some who want to lose weight need a little assistance to realize their goal, like Bios Life Slim™ which has these benefits:

  1. Bios Life Slim™ Reduces Your Appetite

    Bios Life Slim contains a patented fiber matrix that forms a soft gel solution in your stomach. This creates a feeling of ‘fullness’ which reduces your appetite and prevents overeating. When taken before a meal, this also slows absorption of the food you eat. This simple concept is helping people feel full sooner and eat less.

  2. Bios Life Slim Absorbs and Removes Fat

    The patented fiber matrix found in Bios Life Slim binds with the fat from the food you eat. This reduces the amount of fat being absorbed by your body – and safely removes it from your system.

  3. Bios Life Slim Promotes Your Body’s Fat Burning Ability

    Taking Bios life Slim before a meal slows the rate glucose is released into your bloodstream, which reduces the amount of insulin the body needs. With lower insulin levels your body enters a “Fat Burning Zone” that allows you to burn the fat stored in your fat cells.

  4. Bios Life Slim Decreases Leptin Resistance

    Leptin is one of the communication links between your fat cells and your brain. When working properly, the brain stops craving food when it senses adequate leptin in the body. After taking Bios Life Slim regularly your fat cells and brain begin to communicate again, reducing cravings and appetite, increasing energy and ultimately leading to fat loss.

  5. Ingredients

    See the supplement facts and the ingredient list here.

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